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Session Focus: How are your team and leadership adjusting to the virtual workspace?
ELE’s Idea Exchange:
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Case study:
Shure & i4cp

During this highly interactive group discussion we dive into i4cp’s research with Tom Stone, then with Charisse Kosova, Marcie Stern, and Jen Taylor, we examined forward-thinking, innovative solutions to the following top of mind issues:

How can we help address the hot topic of “Remote Meetings”?

  1. Is this a “trainable” topic?
  2. How should L&D integrate with other HR workstreams: culture change, messaging, etc.?

How are L&D professionals supporting post layoffs/downsizing as a result of COVID?

  1. Employees dealing with “survivor guilt”
  2. Leaders leading remaining employees to instill engagement, productivity, and emotional wellbeing
How to keep high-potential leaders and their cohort sponsors engaged?
  1. With additional work with the other personal/societal demands of this time, I am finding that cohorts go one of two ways: They either embrace their cohorts and become event more focused on their interactions and development, or they look for ways to cancel or postpone their tasks or meetings. How are others dealing with this issue?


ELE produces this COVID-19 How should L&D respond? Learning Circle.
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