by Michael Grubich, Kery Mortenson, Tim Gillum, Jay Jamrog

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Session Focus: Key Steps in Transforming Company Culture
Case study:

  1. i4cp research has discovered a blueprint of 18 specific actions to build a strong, healthy, and improved culture—a culture renovation—that will sustain and carry any organization into the future.
  2. Sustainable Culture Transformation at Baxter

Jay Jamrog (i4cp) & Mike Grubich (LAK Group) will review how i4cp’s research forms a three-step process to successfully renovate a culture:

  1. Plan – 90% of organizations that were unsuccessful in transforming their cultures did not set clear success measures upfront. The 66% that did so reported successful transformations.
  2. Build – 57% of organizations that have had successful culture transformations conducted an Organizational Network Analysis to identify influencers and energizers to champion the transformation.
  3. Maintain – Successful companies were three-to-seven times more likely to change core talent practices, such as employee onboarding, performance management, and talent mobility, to reinforce and engrain new cultural values and behaviors.

Learn more about Jay’s findings on i4cp’s blog: ONLY 15% OF ORGANIZATIONS SUCCEED IN TRANSFORMING THEIR CULTURES.

ELE produces this Culture Learning Circle.

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