by Wendy Mack

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As an L&D professional, you probably support many different departments and provide learning solutions for a multitude of jobs. Building and executing an effective learning strategy in a way that addresses the unique nature of each role can feel complicated. The good news is that it doesn’t have to be.

In this session, Wendy will share details of the Triple Fit framework.

It has been developed to acknowledge the multi-faceted nature of performance while simplifying the complexity.

Tips on how to apply the Triple Fit framework to your work immediately include:

  • How the interplay of strengths, styles, and skills impacts work performance;
  • The different types of needs analyses and assessments available to talent professionals and the best use of each;
  • How to determine when training may and may not be the right investment;
  • How to help managers to use awareness of strengths, style, and skills when coaching & developing their teams.
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