Work Automation and AI: Mind the Three Gaps

by Emily Mason, Brian Kedzior, Alison Cowan, Samir Desai, Angela Geffre

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As advances in technology rapidly shift the tasks performed by people and those performed by automation and algorithms, both the nature of work and how it gets done are undergoing significant change.  I4cp Workforce Automation research uncovered three gaps: Organizational Capability, Workforce Motivation, and HR Readiness.

We’ll focus our roundtable discussion on the following:

  1. Is your organization using and advanced automation or AI today? If so, how?
  2. Is it more often being used to augment or transform humans’ work, or to substitute for it?
  3. Where do you foresee the most growth in use in the future?
  4. How ready is your HR function to help lead the organization in implementing AI and advanced automation? What roles should HR be playing in this transformation? Does it have the expertise to do so?
  5. What actions are you taking regarding talent in light of automation?
  6. In particular, is your organization deconstructing work into tasks and considering automation/AI… and if so, are you doing that across the board, for critical roles only, or is it ad hoc?
  7. What is the state of upskilling/reskilling programs at your organization? Are any such programs directly tied to the impact of automation / AI? If not, do you think it will increasingly be so soon?

Some have voiced concern that AI/Automation will end up “taking the human out of human resources.” What is your view on this? Will that result, or could it be the opposite–a re-humanization of HR rather than a dehumanization?

Emily Mason
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Emily Mason
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