Our Role with Digital/Business Transformation

by Heidi Glickman, Maddie Strange, Karen Kocher, Kevin Oakes

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This month’s Training magazine cover (Sep/Oct 2019) featured 6TUAI or Just Sci-Fi? A look at artificial intelligence’s potential impact on training and the workforceU6T.

Last year, Harvard Business Publishing released its 6T2018 State of Leadership Development6T research report on top issues around leadership development and explored necessary changes for programs to improve business impact. According to the study, organizational transformations have become the new normal, with 86 percent of organizations have had recent experience with transformation.

Let’s explore together L&D/OD/Talent departments can be experimenting with today in light of i4cp’s recent research uncovering,

  • only 19% have confidence that HR departments are ready to lead in bringing digital/business transformation to the organization and
  • only 22% of organizations have focused on upskilling/reskilling programs to close the capability gap, though high-performance organizations are 2x more likely to do so than lower performers.

We’ll focus our roundtable discussion on the following:

  • What are examples of digital transformations organizations are going through, and our role in that transformation?
  • How can L&D/OD/Talent make an impact during large-scale business transformation initiatives? What role do we typically play and where would we like to play (e.g., being brought in earlier)?
  • How do you see using automation and AI within HR?
    • TA is a leading area for most organizations, but others variously have implemented or are at least piloting uses in onboarding, L&D, PM, general HR self-service, surveys, and other areas.
  • How are companies navigating the transition to Future of Work skills, including the role and impact of automation/AI, impacting employees? How important is transparency on this issue?
  • If you were your business clients, what would they say they like about working with you/want to be different about working with you?
  • How do you partner with extended internal teams who are also trying to partner with the same internal clients? (e.g. HR Business Partner/Talent/IT/PMO) (How to communicate value and truly collaborate as an equal partner) (Sitting on same side table)
  • What are your biggest lessons learned/mistakes?
  1. How can our teams help drive organizational change and innovation?
Heidi Glickman
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Heidi Glickman
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