Day: October 17, 2019

Preparing Students for Future Work

Preparing Students for Future Work

Building on previous discussions by focusing on the systems and challenges of preparing youth to be successful in the future of work. We will move from conceptual research to pragmatic experience by sharing what has been shown to work. How do we scale up what works?

Future Workforce Competencies

Insights on Future Competencies & Skills

Tomorrow’s business challenges will require new employee competencies. Join Mitzi and Scott from Zurich North America as they share their team’s research attempting to identify skills, mindsets, and attitudes crucial not only for future individual employee achievement but also for company success.

Chance-based Learning (Gensler Research)

Codifying Chance-based Learning

Our initial research findings identified there are four natural modes of work, ‘Focus’, ‘Collaborate’, ‘Socialize’, and ‘Learn.’ Through continued research, we discovered that Learning is not a fourth work mode, but instead embeds into the work we do every day.

2019 Research: How We Learn

The Skills Economy: How the Workforce Learns in 2019

The findings of Degreed on how the workforce learns – conducted in partnership with HBSP – are clear. How people fuel their careers and build their skills; How high-impact organizations are shifting their corporate learning teams and strategies; How you can help your learners align learning to their goals to drive your organization’s success.

Second City Works

Active Experimentation: Get Feedback. Get Better. Repeat.

Organizations are striving to develop a culture of continuous learning by building inclusive teams and fostering a collaborative working environment. Please join Second City and Instructure for an interactive session on transforming group meetings into memorable experiences that drives connection across teams through active listening, building conversations and developing concise effective messaging.

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