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At GE we’re always looking for ways to enhance the sales experience. We’ve identified an opportunity to provide Commercial Reps with the resources to deliver messaging that is distinct, consistent, high quality, and readily available to all representatives. We also want to highlight the many facets of GE’s new APEX CT machine and PowerPoint just doesn’t cut it.

We partnered with CGS to implement an augmented reality experience that can be showcased during sales presentations. We started with 360 pictures of the machine to develop a highly impactful AR model. This method is much easier than the traditional method of building 3D models using CAD files. From there, we enhanced the model with hotspots that incorporated videos, infographics, and interactive content. This capability will quickly and seamlessly enable us to implement AR.

The ability to implement today’s latest technology can be simple and highly effective. It also can leverage hardware used regularly by your audience. It’s also important to have the right partner to ensure this type of implementation is done in the most effective and strategic manner.

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