by Michelle Eppler

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Frontline managers are the managerial glue of a business, responsible for many critical day-to-day operations. They’re often an organization’s largest population of leaders. Research shows that the main reason people leave a company is because of their boss. It’s also the main reason why they stay, learn, grow and make extra effort. To effectively manage and lead a team of productive employees, supervisors need to be confident in their management and leadership skills. Last year we learned how Harley-Davidson frontline managers are given one of the greatest challenges in Company Life: How to understand, organize and motivate people to work together to achieve more, better, faster. Let’s continue the conversation with a roundtable discussion facilitated by Michelle Eppler.

What will enable new frontline managers to meet organizational goals today? They must have effective leadership & communication skills.

By participating actively in this roundtable discussion, we will explore:

  • How do we then help experienced managers grow?
  • How can we scale the experience going forward?
  • How can we engage remote new frontline managers?
Michelle Eppler
Michelle Eppler
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