Doing Digital Right: Sales Onboarding and Coaching Tools Ideation

by Steve Buergey, Greg Newman, Sean Casavechia, Frances Crowley Yuronich

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What we will explore together:

  • Knowledge gap assessments for sales teams
    • What are the tools, guidelines or best practices for assessing knowledge gaps & then assessing their “before and after” learning
    • Do people still use the Kirk-Patrick model or are there better/more up to date models?
  • Virtual training in regards to demonstrating sales skills
    • With advanced LMS capabilities and new technology what are some of the tools used to help train virtual teams to demonstrate & assess skills
  • Customer Care / Inside Sales evolution
    • How do we get new hires up to speed quicker
    • How do we take customer care teams to new levels in which they are not just order takers but problem solvers, sellers on the phone
Steve Buergey
Steve Buergey
Greg Newman
Frances Crowley Yuronich
Sean Casavechia

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