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As a fast growing, entrepreneurial winery and restaurant concept, Cooper’s Hawk recognized the gaps in their talent pipeline that had the potential to inhibit planned growth and future business goals. With a geographically dispersed workforce and a desire to do something different, how could Cooper’s Hawk match the pace of growth?

In this session, attendees will gain perspectives on how to:

  • Support organizational growth through high-potential, accelerated leadership development programs
  • Structure a learning program that’s accessible and contextualized for the learner
  • Create a culture of leveraging organizational leaders to develop others (Leaders as Teachers)
  • Combine basic learning strategies with budget friendly solutions to engage learners
  • Partner with business functions to align and legitimize the investment in leadership development
  • Demonstrate program impact through alignment of results to organizational needs

Lessons Learned: 

  • Leadership development initiatives should be tied to organizational needs and objectives; both current and future
  • Sourcing expertise from within the organization creates higher engagement and authentic experiences
  • High impact programs don’t require high priced solutions!
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