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Engagement is one of the hottest business topics today. The convergence of globalization, technology, and speed of change- have more CEOs and business executives striving to create a high-performance work environment. There is no “magic bullet” or “secret sauce” when it comes to employee engagement. Engaged employees are committed- committed to their work, their team, the organization. 

An employee’s manager has the most influence on an employee’s level of commitment/ engagement. Developing and nurturing the employee/manager relationship leads to stronger connections and higher engagement. Regular conversations, letting the team solve problems, guiding and encouraging development and connecting employee’s work to the larger team or organizational strategy results in higher engagement at the local levels within an organization.

The talent continuum- from planning through succession is built around development. Build or by the talent? Either way, development ensures success. On a quarterly basis- bringing leadership teams together to discuss different aspects of talent management- drives a development culture and increases engagement.


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