by Alison Cowan, Mary Sue Handel, John Pandl, Luther Willems, Suzanne Sherry

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Only 29% of organizations are highly effective at innovation, according to recent research by i4cp and ATD, and in the age of disruption, that puts many companies at risk of obsolesce. Talent development functions play a critical role in encouraging and fostering innovation throughout the organization and culture, and in turn are innovating new ways to help employees learn and deliver knowledge faster and more effectively than ever before. This panel will discuss innovative talent development strategies that work. 

To help guide this panel discussion, here are a few questions we will try to explore:

  • What actions are you taking to retain and develop talent?
  • How do companies leverage successful programs in the Milwaukee area across global locations? 
  • How do you source & attract talent into hard to fill Trades and technical jobs in Milwaukee?
  • How are you collaborating to attract
Alison Cowan
Alison Cowan Mary Sue Handel John Pandl Luther Willems Suzanne Sherry
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