by Kyle Swanson, Cindy Miller, Dirk Tussing, Ben Betts

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Session Focus: Reimagine Return on Training Content–Take Out Costs & Deliver New Kinds of Business Value

  1. Is Curation of L&D Content a Fad or a Strategic, Integrated Talent Development Capability?
  2. Frontier Communication’s Case Study: Building highly interactive graphical learning using HRDQ’s RTL

Essential Forwarding-thinking Skill: The intersection of Design & Development

We started this experiment with ELE’s one-page Navigating Difficult Conversations Learning Summary curating HRD-RTL content with the license we bought. Then two teams independently co-create interactive prototypes to take this experiment to the next level. More details are on this Insights’ PDF available for our members to access after they log in. Here is a summary of what they focused on:

  1. Using Degreed’s platform for curating content, Kyle Swanson & Cindy Miller created a 163-minute online course for a cohort to build:
    1. Trust & Influence – One Conversation At a Time
  2. Using the getAbstract Micro-Lesson Configurator Tool, Kay Saguiped & DeB Lenchard created three Micro-lessons:
    1. Conducting Difficult Conversations (1/3)
    2. Dealing with Difficult People (Conducting Difficult Conversations 2/3)
    3. Thoughtful Communication (Conducting Difficult Conversations 3/3)

A 3rd curation experiment Dirk Tussing and Kyle Swanson co-created using an online MOOC, Healthy Conversations for High-Performance Teams (using ELE’s platform).

This invite-only collaborative aligns with the research Karen Kocher shared on Oct 17, 2019, Essential Behaviors & Skills Driving for 2019 and Beyond. By participating in this 90-minute, highly interactive virtual learning circle, HR and Talent Development Team Leaders can build essential new skills critical as our workplaces are evolving.

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