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The learning circle participants overwhelmingly voiced that Curation will likely be a Strategic, Integrated Talent Development Capability (and NOT A FAD). There is so much (internal and external) content available, it seems unlikely the more efficient learning solution needs to be built in-house or purchased from expensive 3rd-party vendors.

  • When curating L&D content, next practice is to identify trusted, curated content libraries (vs. random sites found on the internet where URL links likely will be unreliable).
  • Our value-add in L&D and HR functions is to augment curated content with organizational specific content(i.e., a curated micro-learning might be 80% – 95% curated content and augmented with 5% – 20% company specific content).
  • A new L&D role likely will emerge: a Content Curator – Newton Moore is sharing a job description used to recruit project team members.
  • “Lean Learning” – discussing increases in learning efficiency…
    Amy Cooper shared a new business article abstract she thought we would find valuable.

The Learning Circle Model: Collaborative Knowledge Building

  • YouTube Overview:
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