by Joel Trowbridge, Cindy Miller

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Today’s Subject Matter Experts are short on time and often have higher priorities than developing training content. Content that needs to be company-specific and therefore cannot be bought also generally gets prioritized to the top of the development list.

The content of purchased learning libraries can play an important role in filling content gaps for talent development. However, for training professionals, relying exclusively on purchased content can lead to expensive and restrictive learning opportunities. Additionally, it can be difficult to get learners to take the courses because they don’t always see how generic, off-the-shelf content is relevant to their jobs.

So how can we increase the ROI for off-the-shelf learning content? Join us for a conversation around reducing the cost and increasing the learning transfer of vendor content

In this session, alternatives to commonly utilized content curation strategies are explored. The primary focus is a reduction in overall content spend while simultaneously providing more control over what learners consume and how training organizations can manage the content.

Joel Trowbridge
Joel Trowbridge Cindy Miller
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