Disrupting the HR Talent Agenda Using DESIGN THINKING

by Karen Kocher

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What is design thinking? In a nutshell it is the belief that by starting with a goal, understanding the customer’s empathetic drivers and conducting rapid prototyping, problems can be solved and solutions enabled that deliver more value and are sustainable. Individuals and organizations that utilize design thinking put their energy into learning about the future, the customer and test and learn. Many companies have transformed key HR processes and built capabilities utilizing a design thinking framework.

During this presentation, Karen Kocher to share a roadmap, successes, and lessons learned for:

  • The disruptions and signals that drive the need for design thinking;
  • HR processes that are ripe for transformation given the expected future of work, the workplace, and workers;
  • A business-oriented perspective on design thinking work and the value derived;
  • Planning for the commitment and change leadership necessary to succeed with design thinking over the long-term.


Karen Kocher
Karen Kocher

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