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When you work in learning and development, it can be an uphill battle to fight for resources. Justifying “your spend”, prioritizing your projects, and getting executive support can be a challenge when resources are limited. That being said, there is one resource that continues to decline at steady pace; that of the human attention span. How do we develop employees in a world where a two and a half hour basketball game is too long to keep viewers’ attention and only 60% of YouTube user stay on a video after 4 minutes?

After Jesse’s short presentation, to help guide this panel discussion, here are a few questions we will try to explore:

  • 🌟 There is no one-size-fits-all strategy—how do you customize learning experiences to the learner and via multiple channels?
  • 🌟 Development is not an event—what are recent trends with developing impactful solutions as a combination of lessons, resources, people, and application?
  • 🌟 Flip classroom is not the wave of the future—are you finding it a basic expectation of learning experiences today?
  • 🌟 Gamification isn’t a buzzword, it is the basis for our modern society—ask your children how they learn at school today. If we are not keeping up with innovation in grade school classrooms, are we really relevant
  • 🌟 Create experiences that keep your learners’ attention during longer experiences—what can we learn from Nickelodeon? 
  • 🌟 Development experiences should solve real business challenges—what is the “right” length of a learning experience?


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