by Edward Prentice III

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Negative media is impacting our society and youth in many ways from vulgar music to extremely violent video games. For example, have you ever pulled into a parking lot or gas station with young children in the car and up comes an SUV with a concrete shaking, “nuclear powered” sound system blasting curse words every second. QUICK!! ROLL UP THE WINDOWS!! Now the same SUV playing the song “Happy” at the same volume would result in you and the kids breaking out and SINGING ALONG.

We all know of the youth initiative STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math). Many youth are creative in nature and may not be inclined to be a “programmer or engineer”. We are adding the A (Arts) to STEM to generate STEAM! Our program directs youth to the Creative Arts field which is a fast growing “Big Money” field for sure. In the training space, they are learning what it takes to create engaging screen content for corporate on-line training programs. We take screens that are initially done in PowerPoint and enhance them using Graphics, 2D/3D Animation and Video to increase effectiveness. In some cases, the youth give the “professionals” great ideas for screen elements! At the same time, we are growing an Army Of Good (AOG) where the same youth will create “positive media” ranging from Music and Video, to 3D Animation and gaming.

As we are engaging youth at new schools, we are seeing training concepts that can be applied to corporate training programs ranging from “Instant Gratification” to “Peer Connectivity” where youth in different cities can bond for a common good. The YEP Project Team develops training and communications programs for businesses—we are NOT a 501c3 organization and fund the organization developing projects for companies. The youth learn how to use the same applications that are used to create the Video, Graphics and 2D/3D elements needed for engaging screen content. They then create their own various positive media programs. As they become proficient in the applications, they may participate directly in corporate project development. At an early age they learn the principals of Project Management, Content Development, and how to treat a Customer. In the Creative Media space many go on to become entrepreneurs and have clients of their own!

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