by Kery Mortenson, Rebecca Potter-Hill

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Learning leaders receive requests for solving complex issues. Performance Practitioners have the ability to quickly analyze the desired state, analyze the causal factors and provide solutions that can drive significant benefit with given resources. During this interactive session you will hear how utilize several simple tools that can make a profound difference while applying the standards of performance improvement.

Simple ABCs Tools – Significant Results (as simple as ABCs…)

  • Add value with Impact Maps
  • Better focus on results using a magic wand
  • Collaborate with stakeholders to analyze the opportunity (issue/description tool)
  • Drive a systematic process for solutions (21 Activity)
  • Employ a systems view with Rapid Performance Analysis

Lessons Learned:

  1. Principles + Simple Tools = Results
  2. Performance Improvement Tools are predictable, credible and rapid
  3. Performance Tools can used to create an overall strategy or can be dropped into your current process
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