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Learning, Six Sigma, and Performance Improvement share the same mandate to help organizations be competitive in the marketplace in socially responsible ways. The facilitators will share their examples of how they used the International Society’s for Performance Improvement (ISPI) five principles of performance improvement to produce sustainable worthy outcomes for their organizations. ISPI’s five principles of performance improvement are:

  1. Focus on Results
  2. Take a systemic view
  3. Add Value
  4. Collaborate with stakeholders
  5. Follow a systematic process

To help guide the roundtable discussion, our facilitators will focus the panelists on some or all of the following discussion points…

The Principles of Performance Improvement:

  • Their challenges, successes, and learning when advocating new practices
  • Their experiences with applying the principles of performance improvement.
  • How the principles of performance improvement integrate with workforce development, process redesign and organizational effectiveness strategies

A Business Case for Performance Improvement:

  • Determine the client goal
  • Defining the actual problem statement
  • Determining if a human performance gap exists or not
  • Creating the optimal solution
  • Providing business improvement evidence to validate the solution
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