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Finding a way to link Lurie’s Employee Engagement with productivity involves understanding:

  • How to respond to current research resurrecting Employee Engagement in an ongoing environment of continuous and rapid change?
  • How might Employee Engagement Managing Change and Career Development influence work productivity and results?
  • How are you preparing for ‘Tomorrowland in Career Development’?

Best practices’ research includes employee engagement data, characteristics of ‘Magnetic Cultures’, ‘Mindset Shifts’, and a description of those entering the workforce. Much wisdom exists from what we have and are doing’ how might this inform our preparation for ‘Tomorrowland in Career Development’ for engaged and productive employees?

  1. A synthesis of current research on employee engagement, magnetic cultures, career development, and employees entering the workforce.
  2. Current career development solutions from a leading pediatric hospital for engaged employees 2-5 years into their profession.
  3. Ideas for applying ‘Mindset Shifts’ to best prepare for the workforce of ‘Tomorrowland’.
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