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Organizations continue to rely on traditional classroom learning for developing leaders. While studies show that on-the-job learning is more effective in building leadership competencies, many executive teams ask for classroom training. In addition, many learners prefer classroom training. As talent development professionals, we have to find a way to bridge the traditional classroom perceptions with experiences outside the classroom in order to develop strong bench strength for leadership in our organizations. So where do you begin?

Action Learning allows learners to engage in classroom activities solving real-world business challenges for their organizations. This session will walk through three steps to creating action learning that has a real impact on an organization and develops key leadership skills in the process. Throughout the session, participants will build an action plan that can be implemented post-conference. Participants should come prepared to plan for specific action learning opportunities in their workplace.

  • Action Learning must align with business strategies and goals.
  • Executive alignment and engagement are critical to the successful implementation of action learning.
  • Providing structured learning opportunities aligned with action learning can build deep competencies quickly.
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