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Energy for Life is a unique demonstration of Allstate’s value proposition aimed at driving a culture of wellbeing and high performance. On the Energy for Life team, we believe that if you energize people, you fuel personal and professional possibilities within teams and across the organization. Our work is centered on building sustainable engagement and increasing individual and team abilities to change without sacrificing personal health and happiness.

It begins with an introduction via a workshop, on-line course, or team session, to science-based concepts and practical ideas to expand human energy. Based on personal readiness, participants commit to development plans and can access sustainability resources tools such as Wellbeing Champions, webinars, a follow-up workshop, individual wellbeing coaching, biometric screening, and financial planning resources to name just a few examples.

This session will focus on providing insight into:

  • A high percentage of participants experience a positive shift in mindset. Most need support from family, peers, and leaders at work to enable long term success.
  • Organizational adoption of new behavioral norms is dependent on company culture (e.g. pace of change & personal empowerment take signals from the broader culture).
  • Consider learning more about how personal energy management strategies can help empower your employees to achieve personal and professional goals.
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