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The implementations of a new LMSs enhanced Allstate’s & Kraft University’s strategic visions to integrate Learning with Talent Management. These initiatives enabled continued support for compliance, regulatory, and certification training requirements while introducing new functional and organizational capabilities. An improved user interface empowers managers to assign, monitor, and report on their staff’s learning activities. The new LMS provides a single platform for quick engagement and training for agency owners and their staff. A collaborative implementation effort across business units has carried forward to a united governance framework. LMS business processes, course content integration, course delivery, and measurement practices have been standardized and across business units.

When Kraft University recently migrated to the Cornerstone LMS and in late 2013, Allstate migrated to the LMS module of its Talent Management Suite (SAP SuccessFactors). This presentation will highlight LMS program goals and lessons learned during and shortly after implementation, as well as a few years post-implementation. Join in on this facilitated discussion about LMS business drivers, best practices, market trends and industry solutions, key features, and functionality. Bring your LMS stories, ideas, and discussion points!

This session will focus on providing insight into:

  • When implementing and maturing an LMS, what are the organizational considerations do you need to address regarding people, process, content, technology, measurement/analytics, etc.?
  • How does your LMS strategy fit into the broader picture of Talent Management?
  • What are your business drivers for implementing an LMS?
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