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Helping the sales team grow revenue is an important strategic focus for every service and consulting firm. As buyers continue to evolve and your company’s offerings continue to evolve, salespeople often struggle to communicate the value of what is often considered an ” ‘intangible offering’ by customers. To communicate that value effectively, salespeople need to sell complex solutions at higher altitude levels in their accounts. Having a strategy or a focus to ‘sell higher’ or ‘sell faster’ isn’t adequate enough to drive sales in these highly consultative solution selling environments. The goal becomes bridging the gap between what your offerings do and what buyers are looking for — but this is a real challenge for leaders, training, and enablement professionals who need to work together to ensure salespeople have what they need in front of their clients.

Helping salespeople communicate the value and overcome the gap between ‘what you are selling’ and ‘what buyers are buying’ boils down to engineering more valuable sales conversations.

These conversations should focus on helping the buyer and their team drive the journey and engagement towards specific business results. While the idea of ‘Sales conversations’ isn’t new, the content of those conversations is more complex than ever before Overcoming this complexity at the point of sale requires learning to happen with salespeople and those who support them on sales calls. That learning that needs to happen in order to drive a shift from a service culture (‘what do you want customer?’) to a sales culture (‘here’s what you should consider in order to be successful customer’).

Dr. Brian Lambert, internationally acclaimed sales Enablement author and consultant, will share his invaluable insight into the most significant challenges faced by services companies as they look to evolve their sales conversations with their clients.

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