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Ben Betts is passionate about innovations in learning technology. With a decade of designing, developing and managing online learning projects, Ben is fast becoming a household name in the eLearning industry.

As CEO with HT2 Ltd. (ProfitAbility integrated partner), Ben works with corporate clients to create web-based solutions to complex education requirements, specializing in game-based and collaborative eLearning. He has published a number of book chapters, research reports, essays and articles for popular industry magazines. In 2012, Ben was honored as a Top 10 ‘movers and shakers’ in eLearning’s UK List and last year was a TEDxWarwick presenter.

With your extensive research and practical knowledge from corporate environments on peer-to-peer learning, we have some questions to help our audience of learning professionals get to essentials they need to know…

  1. Let’s start with a visual. If we were watching a movie where peer-to-peer learning was operating in a business, what would it look like? Where is it happening, who’s involved, what’s transpiring, and when?
  2. What problems does peer-to-peer learning solve for businesses?
  3. What are the top three key success factors for peer-to-peer learning to work well in a business?
  4. What role do learning professionals play and what pitfalls must they avoid?
  5. How do we know if peer-to-peer learning is working well?

You can watch Ben’s TEDxWarwick talk online at

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