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This interactive roundtable discussion will engage participants with a discussion on tools and techniques for Talent Development Metrics Benchmarking Best Practices. It is important to identify the key issues, processes and performance indicators in order to develop a meaningful set of measures. After an organization builds metrics, benchmark data can be sliced by industry, course type, job function and more; providing learning & development experts with the opportunity to compare learning effectiveness against external averages.

Comparing your organization’s progress against other companies in the same industry can provide even more insight into how well an organization is doing. With a robust talent management system in place, these metrics can be more easily obtained and used to improve talent management procedures.


Discussion Points:
To help guide this roundtable panel discussion, we’ll encourage participants to share the following:

  • Select what should be measured. Perform the actual measurement.
  • Make sense of the measurement data.
  • Transform measurement data into actions.
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