by Suzanne Sherry

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Talent management is on the tip of most CEOs’ tongues right now, and yet most organizations still struggle to find a successful approach. Simulations have been used quite effectively to encourage adoption, consistency, and proactive engagement by line leaders in talent management activities – hiring, scheduling, promoting, assessing talent, succession planning, determining enterprise risks, and sharing talent. This session will review some of the approaches taken by diverse companies to engage a broader audience in proactive talent management. We will discuss some of the approaches taken and then proceed to a panel discussion of the subject.

To help guide this roundtable discussion, we’ll encourage participants to share sales performance challenges, success stories, and innovative experiments including:

  • How do you get the engagement and ownership of non-HR leaders in talent-related processes and practices? And what is the right level of engagement for non-HR leaders?
  • What are the implications of applying an integrated talent management process for a global organization?
  • If everyone is going after the same people, how can you differentiate your company? How does the learning or training approach help achieve differentiation?
Suzanne Sherry
Suzanne Sherry
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