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From hiring and succession planning to performance assessment and feedback, to personalized career and learning plans, competency models can provide a consistent framework for organizational and individual development.

In this session, TiER1 Performance Solutions and the Executive Learning Exchange’s members partnered to create a roundtable panel discussion to discuss how various companies are utilizing competencies to make their organizations more effective.

To help guide the roundtable panel discussion, our facilitator covered some or all of the following:

  • Are there particular areas (hiring, performance management, succession planning, or learning) where organizations have seen the most benefit from using competencies?
  • How can competency models be used to accelerate employee training?
  • What are the strategies for developing an appropriate competency model?
  • What strategies have been most effective at gaining buy-in and commitment when first introducing a competency-based approach?
  • What types of assessments or activities can be used to determine an individual’s or team’s proficiency?
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