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How does training measurement translate into action? How do action plans developed from training measurement drive the organization forward? This panel of measurement practitioners will explore in an interactive discussion, not just about how they collected useful metrics about their training efforts, but how they used that data to develop action plans that moved their organization forward.

To help guide the roundtable discussion, our moderator, Greg Brisendine with Intrepid Learning, will cover some or all of the following discussion points:

  • What data did you find already in your organization that informed your action plan? (i.e. employee turnover metrics in support of onboarding)
  • What other groups/departments did you include in your action planning? (i.e. IT, Human Resources)
  • What was the most actionable data you collected? (i.e. Level 1 survey, transaction error reports)
  • What measurement results or action plan was most compelling for senior stakeholders?
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