by Suzanne Sherry

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Integrated talent management efforts require organizations to focus on and connect three critical strategic areas: attracting and retaining necessary talent, developing talent, and improving workforce performance. To improve talent management outcomes, organizations need to create and deliver a competitive employment value proposition, execute on executive talent development, and focus performance management efforts on initiatives that matter most.

This session will involve discussions relating to acquiring talent with a strong employee value proposition that allows for increased access to candidates, enabling a development culture and network, driving Workforce Performance.

To help guide the roundtable discussion, our moderator, Suzanne Sherry with Johnson Controls, will cover some or all of the following discussion points:

  • What are the top 5 most essential attributes potential employees look for in employment opportunities?
  • Are the attributes that attract potential employees, the same qualities that retain employees?
  • How do Senior Leaders set a tone in enabling a development culture in an organization?
  • What is the most effective strategy in realizing employee potential?
  • Does performance equal potential?
  • How do organizations define potential?
  • How do organizations ensure the readiness of successors?
Suzanne Sherry
Suzanne Sherry
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