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Neda-Alavi Schlictman, Director and Chief Learning Officer-Tax, shares a 4-year journey when the U.S. Partners at Deloitte committed to creating a $300M to build Deloitte University (DU). Its initial primary purpose: to build leaders, but the vision for DU evolved and expanded to a meaningful way to connect their people, leaders, and clients with the One Deloitte culture.

A variety of factors influenced Deloitte’s need to increase their investment and commitment to a consistent learning & development approach including sustaining culture in the face of rapid growth, cross-functional teaming and networking, recruiting and retaining talent, develop leaders at all levels in the firm, becoming a career accelerator, and competitive advantage in client interactions.

This presentation is organized the following:

  • What drove DU;
  • How learning transformed at Deloitte;
  • A glimpse of DU.
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