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On June 9, 2012, Children’s Memorial Hospital (CMH) will move their patients to a newly constructed hospital building. CMH leaders have committed to ensure and validate that all employees and physicians are ready at “Moment One” to work safely and effectively to support patient care within the new Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago facility. This means that employees and physicians will be able to locate, access, and use spaces, systems, equipment, and supplies with no delays, no adverse events, and with minimal assistance in urgent situations while delivering exceptional service.

Children’s Memorial Hospital (CMH) established the Moment One Readiness Orientation (MORO) initiative to meet this challenge. MORO is a concentrated effort to ensure that employees and physicians continue to deliver the high level of patient care and family experience as they transition to the new Lurie Children’s facility. They assembled a top-notch team that integrates consultants with CMH educational leaders to apply the ADDIE model to create a blended curriculum. The design employs a holistic, integrated approach that brings skills, knowledge, culture, and competency into the real work of physicians and employees. The team has designed and is currently developing a blended learning solution that includes a virtual replica of the new building in a three-dimensional world, online learning modules, hands-on labs, simulations, orientation sessions, and tours in the new building, and job aids. The curriculum culminates in a series of role-specific learning paths (housed in their LMS) that maps sequenced learning activities so that they build upon one another while allowing for flexibility and customization to meet the needs of diverse audiences.

  • Assemble the best possible team—select internal resources supplemented with external resources by prioritizing skills, knowledge, and FIT.
  • Communicate. Communicate. Communicate!
  • Describe the audiences and their diverse needs fully at the start and adjust throughout as needed.
  • Integrate a blend of high tech and high touch methods.
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