2011 CLO/CTO Roundtable Panel Discussion: Driving Measurable Business Results through Accelerated Leadership Development

by Don Vanthournout, Tim Aleck, Mary Jo Burfeind, Karen Kocher, Diana Thomas, Haydn Shaw

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Accelerating organizations need accelerating leadership development. As a result, the demands on learning and organizational development professionals are also accelerating. This panel discussion will explore real-world scenarios on how learning leaders are helping to drive business results through accelerated leadership development.

To help guide the roundtable discussion, our facilitator, Haydn Shaw, a Business Execution facilitator at FranklinCovey, will focus questions and recommend the roundtable conversation on some of the following discussion points :

  • What accelerating demands from the business are you facing?
  • How are you accelerating your team’s transitions toward more strategic business partnerships?
  • How are you accelerating leadership development in your organization?
  • How do you engage your leadership and management to support the leadership development process?
  • What have you done to drive results when you have not had strong leadership and management support for the leadership development process?
  • How do you measure if your leadership development processes are driving business results?
  • How are your teams transforming your function FROM: Measuring success through execution of activities … TO: Measuring success through the impact of business outcomes?
  • We all stub our toes. What’s the most important lesson you’ve learned of what not to do in measuring results, driving business results, or accelerating leadership development?
Don Vanthournout
Mary Jo Burfeind
Karen Kocher
Tim Aleck
Diana Thomas
Don Vanthournout

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