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You wouldn’t want your pilot to fly without time in a simulator. Why should your leaders and managers be any different? This collaborative panel and audience discussion will cover leadership and business simulation examples aligned with corporate strategy and designed to drive learning and business performance.

To help guide this roundtable discussion, we’ll encourage participants to share the following:

  • What is a simulation, and what types of simulations are there?
  • How are companies using simulations to drive behavior change and business results?
  • Why do organizations choose a simulation over other learning approaches?
  • How do simulations challenge participants to make critical decisions and evaluate their impacts?
  • What role do emotions, teaming, and competition have in simulations?
  • How have organizations overcome the four fears of simulation – cost, time, implementation, and maintenance?

Panelists will discuss their initiatives from several angles. The session will then be open for audience participation. The audience is encouraged to bring their definitions, anecdotes, and examples of successes and challenges.

  • Elements of successful simulations
  • The four fears of simulation – Cost, time, implementation, and maintenance
  • Systems thinking approach–decisions, impacts, and trade-offs
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