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As a learning venue we know today, what will the classroom evolve to or even radically migrate to by 2020? From butts-in-seats classroom-centric learning to mobile devices with immediate access to a global pool of SMEs & Do-It-Yourself learning content? To complicate the mix even more: who are these new learners, who are they, and how do they approach their development? What do they expect from us, from their leaders and each other? And, how do they expect technology to be integrated into all of their learning? And what about imposed barriers, like compliance, budgeting, and other restrictions? How will these learners view these corporate realities?

This panel discussion will address how new learners will approach learning as they start to arrive in your organizations. The trickle of new generation employees will turn into a flood, and you better be ready. The way technology will need to support this generation of learners will be shared, as will current learning initiatives that are just beginning to uncover successful approaches to meeting learning needs. We’ll discuss what’s working, what’s not and provide insights into getting started as you position your learning organization to meet this emerging workforce’s needs.

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