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The pressure on training departments to produce more with less is higher than it’s ever been. This has caused learning leaders to look outside of their traditional means of producing and delivering training.

This peer-networking session at DePaul School of New Learning focused on two emerging trends that can greatly impact your training department.

Single-source publishing has been around since the early to mid-’90s. The original movement was called “Reusable Learning Objects.” For some, it was the beginning of an incredible journey; for others, it was the beginning of years of frustration and failed projects. The complexity of the tools, design methodologies, and even the concept often got in the way. In the real world, the skill set, resources, and bandwidth needed to be successful just weren’t there.

Well, those days are gone! Single-Source (SS) publishing, as we call it today, has finally come of age.

The new tools currently available, combined with the design models and standards that have emerged, has made the dream of “authoring once, publishing too many,” a reality for any learning professional.

With mobile devices’ proliferation from iPhones to Blackberrys, Mobile Learning is quickly emerging as a compelling medium for performance support and learning. There appear to be two disciplines beginning to dominate this space – M-Learning, which is analogous to e-Learning on a mobile device, and M-Support, which is more in line with performance support.

This session discussed examples of each and help your organization determine where they might want to start.

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