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Join this lively panel discussion as we share practical implementation steps in all phases of mentor implementations. The panel has significant experience in positioning their mentoring programs as a valuable people development resource. They will share their experiences and have allocated time to respond to your questions.

Mentoring as a people development strategy can be challenging to quantify and to implement because everyone has their own opinion about what works. Each organization has its people development challenges, and design and mentoring, when used effectively, can contribute to meeting those challenges. Targeting specific outcomes, with measurable results, often keeps leaders from fully endorsing mentoring initiatives.

Panelists will share how they have positioned mentoring in both “traditional” and non-traditional ways. Some of the most exciting solutions are when mentoring is paired with other learning activities, providing a comprehensive set of actions. These and other implementation ideas will be shared.

Some mentoring implementations work better than others. Panelists will share what they did that worked and the lessons learned from implementations that were not as effective as planned. Those attending the session who want to secure feedback regarding their upcoming deployments will be able to test their ideas with the panelists.

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