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Millennials grew up with cell phones, video games, and laptops, while the Baby Boomers were just happy to have color televisions during their childhood. Due to these vast differences in childhood experiences, learning, and development for millennial employees requires a new and innovative approach. To retain millennials, they must be engaged. For their generation, engagement requires strategic use of the latest technology and engaging media to help them learn and expand their skills. This informative session will provide real-world examples of how technology and media are effectively used to train and hire millennials in the workplace.

Two subject-matter experts Ed Prentice III, Founder & President of Centrax ( ), an e-Learning & Second life development firm (, and PJ McGuire, Founder & President of Modet Inc. ( ), a business etiquette, international protocol, and soft skills training firm have teamed up to show how technology and training can be seamlessly merged to help young professionals.

To help you visualize SecondLife, Ed is sharing a video clip above which you can see a simulation of Children’s Memorial Hospital. There is no sound, but the video will let you know what learners would see in a virtual world for an orientation.

Participants will:

  • Gain a basic understanding of the differences in how millennials, gen x, and baby boomers relate to technology and media
  • Leave the session with a clear understanding of how technology, L&D content, and rich media can be blended to engage best millennial
  • Identify a current millennial challenge and identify potential technology-based solutions
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