by Marty Murrillo

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Sales 2.0 is a seismic shift in sales today that is rapidly changing the sales manager’s role and the individual sales rep. The modern Internet’s Web 2.0 technologies merge sales and marketing processes, enabling salespeople to target customers more effectively and close business faster. Sales 2.0 is rapidly transforming the landscape for sales professionals and managers.

If you are an enterprise learning leader, you need to know enough about Sales 2.0 selling techniques, enabling technologies, and relationship-differentiators to move yourself and your sales training organization toward success in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

In this session, we will introduce you to Sales 2.0 fundamentals, requirements, and application examples, including how Sales 2.0 levels the playing field for large and small sales organizations. Whether you’re already experimenting with such tools or just getting started, this session will help you develop a sound Sales 2.0 learning approach.

Through best practices and real-world case examples, you’ll identify the skills and competencies most predictive of success. You’ll find out how to leverage the Learning 2.0 model for continuous learning, focused training, and innovative communication to survive and prosper in the Sales 2.0 world.

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