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CDW Corporation initiated an aggressive growth strategy to expand its inside sales force at existing and new locations across the US and Canada. At the same time, the sales organization required Account Managers to demonstrate more complex solution selling skills across an ever-increasing product and services portfolio. The flagship Sales Onboarding Program faced an excellent opportunity – to address exponential company growth and enhance new hire productivity to increase revenue.

CDW Learning and Development partnered with sales stakeholders to transform the Sales Onboarding Program by redesigning the curriculum, delivery, and measurement strategies. The new program addresses scalability and productivity by leveraging blended learning and experiential tools such as eLearning, classroom role plays, distance learning, online help, immersive job labs, business assignments, blogs, and podcasts. A new performance-based flexible graduation process ensures Account Managers can demonstrate key skills while providing a customized development experience to optimize time-to-productivity.

The new program has increased new Account Manager confidence and capability while addressing growth strategies. The key was partnering with sales stakeholders throughout every project stage. Together, we secured the organizational buy-in and execution to transform the Sales Onboarding experience.

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