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Lisa Doyle
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Lisa Doyle

Head of Retail Training
Ace Hardware

As the leader of Retail Training at Ace Hardware, Lisa provides the overall inspiration, strategic direction and leadership. Lisa's primary goals are training our 100,000 retail team members, located in over 5,000 stores in 60+ countries, and ensuring they deliver on our brand promise of being the most helpful hardware store on the planet.

Prior to joining Ace Hardware, Lisa was Vice President of learning and development at Lowe's Companies, located in Mooresville, NC responsible for leading the company’s talent and leadership development strategies for a workforce of over 240,000.

In 2011 when Lisa Doyle was chancellor of the VA Acquisition Academy, she was named CLO of the Year by Chief Learning Officer magazine for her work in standing up the VA Acquisition Academy.

In 2008, Lisa was named the academy’s first chancellor and partnered with VA leaders to define the mission of the newly-established academy and deliver on its promise to grow, train and retain the 40,000-member acquisition workforce that is charged with acquiring the goods, services, technology, facilities and supplies needed to carry out VA’s mission.

Lisa Doyle | 2011 CLO of the Year by Chief Learning Officer magazine

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Ace Hardware