FAQs for Hosting a Executive Learning Exchange Event

Last Updated Wednesday, January 27, 2010

If my company is interested in hosting a peer-networking event, whom do I contact?

Enterprise members can contact Dirk.Tussing@LearningExecutive.com to have your upcoming session added to the Executive Learning Exchange online event calendar.

What support will be available and what responsibilities will I have to host an event?

  • After a date is decided, please submit the necessary information to complete an event description (click here for an example of a calendar entry).
  • The Executive Learning Exchange will assign someone from our team to provide event coordination services such as sending out announcements, monitoring the registrations, providing first line support calls and attending the event to help provide additional support.
  • If the event will include a virtual technology component for remote participants (e.g., WebEx, Centra, or a Meet-Me Conferencing service), our event coordinator will arrange for a technology test several weeks before the event to help avoiding any unexpected compatibility issues.
  • Approximately one week prior to your event, our event coordinator will send you a current attendee list. This allows you to review the list of registrations and any individual on a waiting list to compare with the resources your company has available.
  • Day of event, our event coordinator will plan to arrive 30 60 minutes prior the start of the event to provide additional assistance. If you are hosting a breakfast event, we appreciate it if you would provide coffee and a light breakfast or lunch for the attendees.
  • Post event, we will provide you the electronic copies of any portion of your case study that we are able to archive for extended sharing with other members in the Member-Area of our website.