What Memberships Levels are available for the Executive Learning Exchange?

Last Updated Monday, June 29, 2015

Below explains the various membership levels available for the Executive Learning Exchange.

Individual CLO/CTO Group (CCG) Membership *** Invite-only ***

  • This membership only provides an individual access to our quarterly CLO/CTO Group (CCG) sessions. The CCG quarterly sessions are a year-long learning process through face-to-face collaboration and networking with other local Heads of Learning & Talent Development Leaders. Each senior leader is encouraged to bring a peer from their organization.
  • You can view our CCG F.A.Qs which provides an overview for what's included and contact us if the Head of Learning or Talent Development in your organization would like to sign-up for our quarterly, 8-hour sessions.
  • DOES NOT INCLUDE pre-paid exchange tickets for our Chicagoland or SE-WI annual learning & talent development leaders exchange.

Individual ELE Membership PLUS CLO/CTO Group (BEST VALUE | New 2018 Low Price) *** Invite-Only ***

  • Purchasing your Enterprise Executive Learning Exchange (ELE) and CLO/CTO/CHRO Learning Circle membership together provides an awesome annual savings (click here to view a Summary of 2007 - 2017 CLO/CTO Group Sessions and current members).
  • Includes FOUR pre-paid exchange tickets that can be used at either Chicagoland or SE-WI annual learning leaders exchanges & extra exchange tickets can be purchased at member discounted rates to make it more cost effective for your entire learning & talent development leaders to join us.
  • For your entire enterprise using the same @YOURCOMPANY.com email domain, unlimited access to web-based archives.

Vendor ELE Membership** CLOSED

FOOTNOTES (to explain rules & restrictions for our more popular ELE membership levels):

  1. * NEW IN 2012: Our Enterprise ELE Membership includes FOUR pre-paid conference tickets with some restrictions
  2. ** Enterprise ELE Member restrictions for vendors/ solution providers
  3. *** Add an Additional Email Domain for Enterprise ELE: $2,000 additional annual fee (*** NOTE: this membership option is generally not available for vendors or solution providers ***)

** Enterprise ELE Member restrictions for Strategic (vendors/ solution providers) Partners

Core to our mission and vision is open collaboration with Corporate Learning & Talent Development Leaders. For any individual in-person peer-networking event, we encourage Vendor/Solution Provider ELE Members to invite and attend with colleagues working for great corporate companies. If Vendor/Solution Provider ELE Members attend peer-networking event without colleagues from great corporate companies we might restrict the attendance to ensure the MAJORITY of attendees are not vendors/solution providers. We also required using discretion when attending peer-networking vents and following with attendees to ensure professional standards are used that focus on promoting greater visibility, influence and professional opportunities NOT SELLING. Vendor/Solution Provider ELE Members who do not exercise professional standards in follow-up communications will not be invited to participate in the conference next year.

*** Add an Additional Email Domain for Enterprise ELE: $2,000 additional annual fee

This membership option is for non-vendor enterprises using multiple email domains. By adding an additional email domain to an existing Enterprise ELE Membership allows more of your employees to have access to our significant discounts for events and access member-only online resources (Note: ONLY ONE EMAIL DOMAIN is active for each Enterprise ELE Membership and not available for Vendor/Solution Providers).

Additional Notes: Learning Leaders with non-active membership status can attend two events annually by paying the published non-member registration fee or as a guest by invitation of the peer-networking event's host.

If you attended one of our learning leaders' exchanges and then decide to become a member, we can back date an annual enterprise membership and apply a 100% credit of the conference fees paid towards the annual membership fee if completed within 60 days of the exchange.

Any questions, you can email us at info@LearningExecutive.com and we can discuss your specific areas of interest or answer additional questions.