ELE Frequently Asked Questions

Last Updated Sunday, June 23, 2019

Executive Learning Exchange, is an invite-only, vendor-free consortium of senior HR talent & learning development leaders who are committed to promoting greater visibility, influence and professional opportunities among its members.

ELE primary clients are learning and talent development executives where we focus on robust experiences for connecting, sharing, networking for tangible business results. When invited, executives can purchase an ELE annual All-Access Pass, the best value and includes access for them, their team leaders and team members.

ELE supports a limited number of strategic partner memberships but not generally available for vendors or independent consultants.  

What is ELE's Purpose?

The purpose of the Executive Learning Exchange (ELE) is to provide local peer networking opportunities for exchanging lessons learned and best practices. Since 2004, the Chicagoland Learning LeadersSM have informally gathered at McDonald’s Hamburger University for an annual one-day exchange of local thought leaders to share best practices. Our founding member companies like Abbott, Accenture, Allstate, AON, Baxter, BlueCross-BlueShield of IL, Motorola and Walgreens provided initial formal infrastructure support including a calendar of ongoing events and extended the annual one-day exchange into a highly participatory suite of high-impact peer networking opportunities (click here to browse the online calendar).

How do I check my membership status?

Many Chicagoland & SE Wisconsin companies are enterprise members (and many of our peer-networking events are free for members). We have a couple of ways for you to check if your company's membership is active. You can click here & enter in your work email address. Another way, when you register online for a peer-networking session your membership status will automatically be checked for the lowest pricing.

How do I view agendas, abstracts, photos & videos for previous annual Learning Leaders Exchanges?

You can view .pdf abstracts and agendas for our previous annual one-day conferences & exchanges using the following links:

What Levels of Memberships are available?

Click through the membership level hyperlinks below to learn more:

What are the benefits for my company joining the Executive Learning Exchange?

  • Learn from your learning and talent development peers.
  • Lead by example to encourage your High Potentials gain confidence & exposure.
  • Take advantage of centralized coordination resources for your organization’s benefit.
  • Unlimited access to web-based resources, archived presentations, etc.
  • Four registrations to our Learning & Talent Development Leaders one-day Exchanges) (over a $3,700 value) and 70% discount off addl. registrations (approximately $600 savings per registration). We appreciate all discounted registrations are received at least two weeks before each one-day exchange and are limited to employees' work email address for active Enterprise ELE Members.
  • Online videos of Keynotes & CLO Roundtables ($1,500 value).

What are the objectives of the Executive Learning Exchange?

To increase awareness of progressive learning solutions, share best practices, and facilitate greater collaboration among members by identifying areas of mutual interest.

What other cities are peer-networking events scheduled?

We are experimenting extending our peer-networking breakfasts to Milwaukee, Indianapolis, Central Illinois, and the Twin Cities. If you are interested in hosting a session, feel free to contact us.

What is a Learning Leader?

A learning leader is commonly employed in a management role within the learning/training and talent function of an organization. The role of the learning leader typically involves the management of the training/learning function of the organization or department. Just as importantly, the learning leader also supports and promotes innovation and change in the organizational culture(Argrys, On Organizational Learning, 1999) and helps drive business objectives in the area of learning and development (Wick et al, The Six Disciplines of Breakthrough Learning, 2006).

Key competencies for a learning leader are:

  • Knowledge of learning theories, concepts and application
  • Business acumen (Green, Raymond, Beyond Financial Literacy)
  • Customer relationship management
  • General management experience
  • Strategic leadership
  • Technologically resourceful (Brave New World 2000)
A learning leader combines these competencies to drive higher performance and create strong business outcomes and results (Schooley, Claire, Learning Director: Are You Ready For Your New Role? 2007). Typically, the most senior learning leader in an organization is the Chief Learning Officer (CLO) who controls allocation of learning resources and budgets.

What are the centralized resources provided by the Executive Learning Exchange?

The Executive Learning Exchange provides centralized logistics for local thought leaders to share their talent management initiatives with peers (i.e., coordinates event registration, keeps up a database of email addresses for sending out announcements, and maintains an online repository of case studies contributed by local thought leaders).

What to connect with one of our thought leaders?

There are two general online areas available on www.LearningExecutive.com with a variety of online resources available for collaborating directly.
  • Public-Area which includes a calendar of upcoming events (click here), FAQs (click here), and insight from a revolving pool of Chicagoland thought leaders (click here).

    Our Thought Leaders

    Our Calendar

  • Member-Area which includes case studies (case studies) with slides, handouts, and multi-media audio files from past events we helped produce. You will be prompted to enter your corporate's email address in order to enter our member area. After your email address is validated, your browser should have a Microsoft media player with a play button you can click to hear the audio. You can also Click on either the mp3 or wma icons to download an audio file to your computer. Mp3 files can be drag-and-dropped to your mobile device so you can listen while traveling.

Our Archived Case Studies

What if my company uses multiple domains for their employee's work email addresses?

The Executive Learning Exchange recognizes many enterprises are managed as separate, independent business units. To access the benefits from an Enterprise ELE Membership, our online processes require using a work email address from a single domain (e.g., @YourCompany.com). Our enterprise pricing structure provides options for ADDITIONAL email domains to be added for a low, annual fee as a cost effective alternative not requiring each business unit to become a full Enterprise ELE Member.

Can I view FAQs for my Company Hosting a peer-networking collaborative?

Yes, you can view FAQs for Hosting a peer-networking event by clicking here.

What are the proposed code of conduct and basic operating principles for members?

Success will be achieved through highly participatory members taking the lead by sharing lessons learned and hosting peer networking events. Members are encouraged to proactively seek out and create peer networking opportunities, promote corporate goodwill by hosting events, and provide company discounts to other members. Individual learning leaders are welcomed to join and participate, and to champion enterprise memberships for their organizations.

Members are not allowed to “sell products and services” in an unprofessional manner and will not be asked to renew membership if problems arise. Periodically we will have formal sponsor opportunities (e.g., exhibitors at a large exchange) which will provide solution providers with a venue to market their products and services to the members at large.

How do Enterprise members submit attendee lists for our one-day Learning & Talent Development Leaders Exchange(s)?

A benefit for keeping your enterprise membership to the Executive Learning Exchange current allows deep discounts to the one-day exchange(s). This year, we have two planned: a May exchange at Harley-Davidson Museum in Milwaukee, WI and our traditional Oct/Nov to be held at McDonald's Hamburger University. This is especially valuable when enterprises have four or more learning leaders. To obtain the lowest registration fees, we appreciate if your enterprise would provide a centralized resource for coordinating registrations.

Here is how the process works.

Your centralized registration coordinator should use an MS-Excel worksheet to provide the following: First Name, Last Name, Job Title, Email Address, and Work Phone. You can create your own MS-Excel worksheet or click here to download a registration worksheet from our website. You can email your list of proposed attendees to registrations@learningexecutive.com. We will send you an additional invoice if necessary.

The pricing for organizations with Enterprise ELE Memberships:

  • For most of our Enterprise ELE Membership levels, the first four exchange attendees each year are bundled in "pre-paid" as part of the annual Executive Learning Exchange Enterprise Membership fee, and
  • Additional current employees for our Enterprise ELE Members can register online to attend our annual exchange(s) for approximately $295 each (a great deal being a 70% discount) - we appreciate if additional attendees register at least three weeks before our exchange events since we need time to finalize catering and event logistics.
  • New for 2012: Enterprise Members can purchase 10 or more extra "pre-paid" exchange for only $2,750 / 10 tickets. the lowest cost option for our larger Enterprise ELE Members.

Can I pay my invoice with a credit card?

There are three common ways for our members and clients to pay: mail a check in the U.S. mail, set-up ACH direct deposits (preferred), and with a credit card online (for our client's security, we do not accept credit card payments over the phone only over secured internet connections).

To pay an invoice using a credit card, click the Pay My Invoice Online button below:

What is the refund policy for a corporate or strategic partner annual membership?

Our refund policy is easy. Similar to a car battery, if you are 3 months into a 12-month term and request a refund, we would refund 9/12 (or 75%) after deducting the non-member rate for any pre-paid registrations "used."

How do I add my email address to receive announcements?

To have Executive Learning Exchange automatically send you future announcements, click the icon below to add your name & email address:

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Any questions, you can email us at info@LearningExecutive.com and we can discuss your specific areas of interest or answer additional questions.